Photo: Klaus Mellenthin

Installation by Stefan Wieland

Studio of Stefan Wieland

Exhibition 'Meiner Auge weisser Haut' at Westsektor, Frankfurt2010


Some hair-styles look similar to architecture models / To sew acrylic staffs / One of a kind / Thus can a draft for a community center first be noticed as auxiliary organ on an existing house wall and then as wall lamp / Veneer twisted / Fascinatores / To provoke errors and then cultivate them / To marble acrylic glass / Lightobjectsculpture / Laboratory of sensuality / Lashed acrylic glass / Prototypes / Mr. Tiger makes from fear fear / Cold welding with neoncoloured epoxy resin / Bold one shapes / To harden winds of victory will form the character / Lacquer on water on acrylic glass / Pieces of gloss / To touch stone-furnace-bread, then translate felt warmth in light temperature quasi no expression / To isolate brushlinesignatures / Jewels / Who is hunting the three has to take care of meeting the four / To laminate lacquer types of dust, there a little more / Gems / Extended collecting mains for embarrassingly simple transilluminations / To draw a clear line with felt-tip pen / Senators / Whitened display windows must be added in parts to attractive cubes / To heal anything broken / Pulsar / If I wake up and you are not beside me, I will have badly slept / To mill windings and fill them up / Solitaire / Everything must be judged visually by the water side and the land side / Applications laminated and strechted to panoramas / Synthesis from painting and sculpture / Sunshine, o sunshine, how you are shining in my cup of peppermint tea / Natural luminescent / Sympathy carriers / Bodies of full rage and fragility / To bring in form and bend around the corner / Upright one / If behaviour would be still attitude, then like a corral reef / To split a painting into fragments and restructure it / Main celestial body / Today fun, morning-red / To collage motives and then infiltrate them / Silver backs / To produce the background automatically over the foreground, better: motive equal to carrier / To generate plug systems / Monolith / Light begins, where my short shade ends / To take flat acrylic glass surfaces secretly their two-dimensionality / Landmarks / To mark strictly forbidden sounds / To form acrylic glass into little hats / Figure of light / To disappear into the twilight and being outrageously romantic

Stefan Wieland
Frankfurt, Juli 2010


Goodaluckamybaby, Kunstverein Heppenheim
Meiner Auge weiße Haut, westsektor, Frankfurt
Der Löwe muss oft heimlich weinen, Kunst- und Auktionshaus HERR, Köln
Schnell wie die Sonne, Deck Galerie, Stuttgart
Am Ende meines kurzen Schattens, Deck Galerie, Stuttgart
Gemütpink schwarz beblümt, Galerie Michael Neff, Frankfurt
Tigersprung, Landesmuseum Main
AngelTears, Galerie Michael Neff, Frankfurt
Liberty, Kunstverein Oldenburg, Oldenburg
Patna, Am Parlamentsplatz (revolver), Frankfurt
Oklahama, Galerie Michael Neff, Frankfurt

OZEAN, Diamantenbörse, Frankfurt
Prime Time, atelierfrankfurt, Frankfurt
Cloud´s philosophy, Salone Mobiliare, Mailand
Instant Melancholia, Raum 121, Frankfurt
Baden-Baden-Baden, westsektor, Frankfurt
My Generation, Lola Montez, Frankfurt
Sommerloch, Galerie Nikolaus Bischoff, Lahr
Gorillas im Nebel, hausnummer elf, Frankfurt
Lido, Prosa usw., westsektor Frankfurt
Wir sind wieder hier wegen der Pommes aus Holland, möma, Mönchengladbach
Face liftings, Deck Galerie, Stuttgart
casa mia, mmki, Düsseldorf
me, myself and I, Frankfurt, Berlin, Amsterdam, Düsseldorf, Budapest
Saltuna, The Baltic Sea Experience, Rooseum, Malmö
Fuck you, it’s all flowers, Turboplex, Berlin
Labor der Freiheit, Mouson Turm, Frankfurt
Welt ohne Gegenstände, glue, Berlin
In Memoriam Bob Ross, Kunstverein Konstanz
Macht und Tränen, Arsenal, Mainz
Anker aus Kork, Kunstraum arcade, Mödling
Hands up, Baby Hands up, Kunstverein Oldenburg, Oldenburg
landschaft 300 qm, rama, München
kiosk, Installation für Revolver-Archiv für aktuelle Kunst, Manifesta 4
Reload 3,Spiegel, München
Reload 3, moschee, Offenbach
at your service, Galerie Gasser & Grunert, New York
RELOAD 2, log-in, Kunstbunker Nürnberg
at your service, Kunsthalle Exnerstrasse, Wien
Satellit, Z 2000, Positionen junger Kunst und Kultur, Berlin Pavillon
Circles: Dribbdebach/Zakynthos", ZKM Karlsruhe
Version 2000, SGG, Genf
amAZONAS, Villa Minimo, Hannover
RELOAD, Shift e.V., Berlin
Link, Shift e.V., Berlin
home and away, Buchprojekt mit Silke Wagner, Büchermarkt Frankfurt
home and away, loop-raum für aktuelle Kunst, Berlin
Some kinds of lines (and colours), Künstlerhaus Stuttgart
bypasses, Frankfurt
Au revoir, les enfants, Kunstraum Mitte, Berlin