A Universe Near You.

After more than 20 years of creating and distributing award-winning bathroom products around the world, Sonia has never stopped growing. With each new product, new client, or new idea, we have evolved as a company. Each step of the way, we have learned something new in order to create safer, stronger, better products for the universe.

Whether capturing a playful spirit or pushing the boundaries of good design, our products are physical reminders of our company’s evolution. Even when we were developing products for the automobile, faucet, and lighting industries more than 40 years ago, our passion for learning quickly took hold of us, inspiring us to keep investigating, innovating, and creating new ideas for the bath space.

This bold, fearless determination defines our company today as we look to create products that evoke emotion – whether it’s a sense of awe in the organic curves of a vanity or a sense of humor in a child’s bath furniture line. We know how to adapt to the changing world around us. We listen and understand what the market needs. We apply our experience to creativity. We mix innovation with commitment and hard work. And sometimes, just sometimes, we break the rules in order to create better products.

Yet we also want to be better. As a brand, we have taken real actions to preserve our environment and to help others improve their lives or protect their culture. Over the past four decades, we have traveled down a long road of discovery to arrive at our final destination:

Creating products that inspire people’s lives and build a stronger connection to their environments.

We have taken this path year after year at Sonia. Starting each year as if it were our first, we have built the Sonia we know today…and set the foundation for what we will be tomorrow.

Quality on Our Own Terms

What’s quality, and how do you measure it? These are the questions that motivate Sonia everyday. From its inception, Sonia has defined quality on our own terms. We measure quality not necessarily by numbers or ratings, but through real customer experiences over the span of time.

We also look beyond results, seeking quality in our creation process. We are not only dedicated to creating better products, but better conditions for our products. Whether it’s finding the finest raw materials available or developing a sustainable and efficient design, manufacturing and distribution process, Sonia’s quality control is consistent and meets the highest standards today.

World Is As Close As a 40-Hour Flight.

In our increasingly global world, we are closer than we think. No matter where we are located on the map, we all have the same basic human needs. Everyone needs shelter, warmth, light, and beauty. At Sonia, we believe the bath space is an extension of these very essential needs. Yet, we also see the bath space as a micro world within the home, shaping how we live and how we connect to our physical environment in a thousand different ways, depending on where we are in the world. That is why it is so important to listen and understand what the bath space means to other countries and cultures.

Listening may sound like a simple action, but it is one of the most difficult things to do as an exporter. From our point of view, listening requires investigating and implementing everything we learn into our new bathroom products. Our commitment to listening can be found at the heart of our export philosophy, which has resulted in a distribution presence in over 70 countries, with over 700 dealers headquartered all over the globe. Our products are just as likely to be found in an American hotel as they are to be found in a Chinese multi-family high-rise, as evidenced by our most recent cast of projects such as the Hyatt Chicago, Le Meridien Mekkah in Saudi Arabia, Olympic Station in Hong Kong, and The Pearl Abraj Al Lulu in Bahrain.

Of course, Sonia did not arrive here overnight. We took many steps along the way, achieving the kind of milestones that made our “before and after” story possible. One of those milestones was the opening of Sonia America, Inc. in 1999. We are proud to serve the vast and dynamic marketplace, bringing our creative bath products to worldwide households through our over 700 dealers.