Giving people pleasure
A wardrobe is perfect as long as its new owners are completely satisfied and delighted with it - not just for the time being but in the long run. After all, we are not talking about a new, stylish dress that may have to give way to the latest trends as soon as next summer.

A wardrobe means investing in the future. We therefore remain committed to building timelessly pleasant models, orientated towards the contemporary taste but that will also survive fast-moving changes without any problem. We will succeed in doing so if the design, the materials and the fittings form a symbiotic relationship that appeals even after many years.

However, life also implies change. It may well indeed be that the currently much loved home furnishing will be replaced by a new ambience in the future. This is why any ®mann wardrobe offers the possibility to replace the doors or to adapt the „inner life" to the new life situation even after many years. As you can see: We do everything for you to remain flexible.

Traditionally, „ready-made" solutions are far from what we wish to offer: Dimensions, materials, interior design, latest technology, individual fronts - our wardrobes invite you to let your imagination run free. Compromises are a thing of the past.

The highest level of workmanship, enthusiasm for innovations and quality that leave no wish unfulfilled: Both our trading partners and our customers should no longer put up with any less. The commitment of every single Rüttimann staff member, our demand on services, adherence to delivery dates and workmanship: all this stands for a philosophy enabling us to build extraordinary wardrobes that give people pleasure ...

... today, tomorrow and far more than that.