Rossin showroom


1964 Mr. Nerino Rossin founds the company with the aim to produce different kinds of upholstered-furniture in South Tyrol. At the beginning the company fabricated sofa-beds for private homes as well as box-spring-mattresses. Since the 70ties the company produces also couches, sofa-beds and armchairs for hotels and private homes.

2000 In cooperation with well-known international designers starts the development of a new international design-collection for waiting-areas.

2002 The participation at the ORGATEC in Cologne is the first international fair for the company.

2005 The executive director takes over the company.

2008 On the occasion of the ORGATEC in Cologne Rossin presents the totally new-designed CONTRACT-catalogue.

2009 For the first time the company displays at the SALONE INTERNAZIONALE DEL MOBILE in Milan. In June Rossin presents the new HOTEL-COLLECTION.

Designer for Rossin (left to right): Charles Polin; Luca Scacchetti; Martin Ballendat; Roger Webb; Erla Solveig Oskarsdottir; Johannes Fuch; Lorenz Kaz; Setsu and Shinobu Ito; Lepper Schmidt Sommerlade; Denis Santachiara; Wolfgang C.R. Mezger

Rossin, since 1964 manufacturer of upholstery, is starting the third millennium with new discoveries in sofas. Our range for public spaces is characterised by a contemporary, sophisticated and extremely accurate design. While following the most innovative and advanced trends, our style is, at the same time, an expression of balance, elegance, reliability and durability without any excess. A modern design but a classic in avoiding extreme positions. A series of projects combining high standards in industrial production with traditional handicrafts and manual skills. Our projects originate in many different countries. The common entrepreneurial and productive goals blend them together, in a land traditionally representing a meeting point for different cultures and spirits.

All our models are characterized by a contemporary style as well as by a selected and high-quality Design. A Design that combines the acknowledgment of the product development and innovative and futuristic concepts, but at the same time reflects correct fit, sophistication, elegance, functionality and consistency. Extremes and exaggerations are set aside intentionally. In short: a modern, but at the same time also classic Design without ardour. The concepts combine the experience, the handcraft as well as the traditional ability of the Rossin factory with the advantages of the industrial production and the perfect series-production readiness. At the core of this harmonic unit of operative and creative aims there is the fusion of ideas of different nations – characteristic of a region, in which encounters between different cultures, ways of thinking and feelings belong to the tradition.