we work

as a team. the art of lateral thinking starts our creative strategies. personal diversities open the horizons of our team

the human being

forms the centre of our work. architecture’s meaning is also its use. planning is a process, our clients are our partners


is art. architecture is sustainable, appropriate and physical. its beauty comes from the inside. the content shapes the building


1st prize RMW römermuseum vienna invited competition 2007

1. prize STI urban competition kugelhofgründe, salzburg workshop competition 2006

2.prize GEG community center eichgraben, lower austria open competition 2006

1. prize KSM residential buildings karree st.marx open competition 2006

1st prize ML museum liaunig invited competition 2006

1st price BIG big bundesimmobiliengesellschaft headquarter invited competition 2005

1st price WTF gastronomy project walsall/birmingham - GB invited competition 2005

1st price ADBC adidas - adi dassler brand center, D open, international competition 2004

4th price LEI hospital leipzig invited competition 2003

3rd price KHF hospital freistadt open competition 2003

2nd price H55 theater korneuburg invited competition 2003

1st price MAX restaurant st.marx invited competition 2003

2nd price KAI wohnbau kaiserstrasse invited competition 2002

1st price TWI vorplatzgestaltung business park vienna invited competition 2001

1st price PRA bookstore MQ invited competition 2000
runner up VSK school wien 10, katharinengasse open copmetition 2001

1st price LIT "librotel" shop in shop invited competiton 2000

1st price SPS single family house, wien invited competition 1998

1st price MQ kunst auf der baustelle, MQ invited competition 1998

2nd price entertainment center klagenfurt open competition 1996