Since 1975, story of a dreamer with his feet on the ground. We are a passionate team of people, designer, craftsmen, producers, commercial, supporters of a philosophy which express itself through a product, a life style. The articles we design tell the story of an ancient trade and bring to light values such as the respect of men's abilities and environment. Mario Prandina, creator of the trade-mark "Plinio il Giovane", is a "dreamer with his feet on the ground".

Intelligent furniture, designed to last long. We make intelligent furniture, designed to be made up with the less resources possible, using only tools able to exalt men's abilities. We are not interested in low prices materials. We work only hard oak wood, the only one which allow us to use so clever joints to be able to avoid toxic glues. We handle, we smooth and finally we oil by hand each piece of our furniture with pure linseed oil. We make up by hand all our textiles with the best materials. We make up all by hand with passion, in order to give to our products the value and quality that allow us to guarantee them to last long.

We listen you, to follow your needs! We work directly with you, we pay attention to you and design furniture born young to last long, marked by an unexcelled quality: essentiality. Our design is able to adapt itself to the style and demands of different people who live spaces. We manufacture each article in our workshops in the country near Milano, through our skilled carpenters who hand on this ancient trade from generation to generation.

Since 1975, story of a dreamer with his feet on the ground. We come from the "Brera Academy, from this neighborhood of the artistic and dreaming Milano of the ’70, from a boutique-atelier which gathered artists, craftsmen and materials, where the first products of ethic design were born, such as "Letto Plinio, still of great interest.

Since 1975, story of a dreamer with his feet on the ground. We wish to bring far, really far away in the world, the "Made in Italy" in a new way. We wish to transmit the Italian creative power and know-how together with the concept that we always considered our social campaign, a real trendy concept actually known today under the name of "ecology".