Paschen & Companie is proud of being a family-run company in the fifth generation. With more than 125 years of experience in the designing and manufacturing of furniture systems, this company is your ideal partner when it comes to all manner of furniture concepts and interior design features. Its staff of approximately 160 employees means that the company is the perfect size to be able to produce customised goods in the required quantities. The corporate location is Germany, which guarantees that excellent product quality is a foregone conclusion.

Carl Paschen establishes a factory for the production of fine sawn veneers in Hamburg. Elegant cigar boxes made out of these woods become the speciality of the factory.

Amandus Paschen runs the business with his two brothers. From 1929 onwards he manages the company on his own and then together with his son, Wilhelm.

Wilhelm Paschen and his father set up the works in Wadersloh. Dresser cabinets of the day constitute the basis of the undertaking’s success.

Günter Paschen heads the company. He implements his idea of "Living With Books" and coins the trademark of Paschen Libraries.

Christian and Johann Paschen join the company and become partners in the firm in 1997. They proceed to develop Paschen into a state-of-the-art operation, offering just-in-time production schedules. To date, the company produces four different kinds of library systems. Following the death of their father, Günter, in 2005, Jan and Christian Paschen continue running the company in tune with his philosophy.

Launching of Library No.5, inspired by the Bauhaus movement.

Paschen presents the ranges known as Paschen Excellence and Paschen Super Quantum Evolution at the imm, the International Furniture Show in Cologne, Germany.

Paschen celebrates its 125th company anniversary and also becomes a partner of the German Book Prize, which is awarded every year at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Paschen presents its Vision One interior design system at the international Milan Furniture Fair.