In the blunt and rigorous geometry of a chair, in the earthy texture of a piece of wood or natural stone, beats a concept of what our surroundings should be like. This collection of furniture and fixtures designed by Joan Lao builds, with its architectural forms, an artisan feeling of traditional quality materials and finishes, a certain type of lifestyle that values spirituality and combines emotions and serenity.
The philosophy of Original is based on a deep harmony with nature.

Environment liability
The entire manufacturing process of the Joan Lau Original Collection is green, with the utmost respect for the environment in every process. The selection of veneers and their respective origins, the use of non-aggressive paints, the work processes and the packaging are all strictly committed to sustainability and to the environment in support of the philosophy of the company, and in particular of this collection.

4 finishes. Arce, Roble liso, Roble erosionado, Lacados.
10 colours. Decolorado Gris, Gris Plata Claro, Gris Plata Oscuro, Gris Claro, Gris Oscuro, Blanco, Colina, Grey Stone, Gotico, Madera Negra.

ST Muebles
ST Muebles is a family owned company, established in 1985 and focused on the manufacture of living rooms, bedrooms and wardrobes. Founded by Tomas Barrachina in the town of Vinaròs, the company is now under the direction of his son, Jose M. Barrachina.
Since its beginnings, ST Muebles has been dedicated to the production of high quality furniture using natural wood veneers as a trademark finish of its collections.
The honorable mentions earned by the company in 1997 and 1999 at the Valencia International Furniture Fair, show the interest the company has had in design throughout its history and its collections.
ST Muebles, with its new design line, Original Joan Lao, solidifies its position as one of the industry leaders in the Spanish market.