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Oliver Conrad - the company

The love of wood as a material was formative for the New York born Oliver Conrad. In 1990 he founded the company OC FURNITURE & OBJECTS. In that same year his first collection of furniture made of solid wood came onto the market. Many pieces from that collection, with their unmistakable clean design, have already become classics. Oliver Conrad‘s company is located in the Düsseldorf MediaHarbour, the „hot spot“ for creative people. The OC collection is constantly being developed jointly by the design team along with the staff in the historic home of a former flour mill.
Oliver Conrad has received a number of awards for his designs including the Interior Innovation Award, the reddot design award, the Good Design Award, ID Iconos del Diseno and a Design Council recommendation.

The Workshop

"Anyone who is a designer and has been on the side of the producer will have a different understanding of materials, quality, value and sustainability", says Oliver Conrad. Woods and other materials that are processed in our workshop in Düsseldorf must be of the highest quality. With great expertise selected woods come preferably from Germany to shorten transportation routes to the workshop. There, the OC furniture collection is produced with the highest level of manufacturing and great attention to detail. Typical OC are a traditional craftsmanship and organically oiled surfaces with a velvety texture.


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