We are Okidoki! Architects
Okidoki! Architects was founded on the conviction that it is possible to create change through spatial experience and ideologically driven design. We know that everyone has a story to tell, and our process has helped customers to see the power of storytelling and identity-building architecture. Our services include designing residential buildings, planning, interior design and landscaping, as well as rebuilds and conversions – including those focusing on historical buildings and environments. Okidoki is the first architect office to receive environmental certification from the municipality of Gothenburg.

For us architecture is a profession closely connected to society, as well as an applied art. This means that one must be prepared to adopt an approach as part of a wider context. We work with people’s everyday lives and issues that will affect us for a long time; we thus believe that we have a long term responsibility for the environments that we produce and how we plan and build. We believe that architects have the potential to make a difference, that it is better to do than to talk.


Okidoki! is communication
As a whole, the place, its functionality and the people have a story to tell. Our architecture uses communicative design to convey that hidden story. We represent a pleasurable, affirmative architecture for which the most important characteristics should be able to be reduced to a few explanatory lines. Buildings and environments should have such a clear character that we don’t need to rely on the choice of contractor or type of contract; the basic ideas should always be obvious.

Our motivation is to bring out a projects potential, regardless of the commission. Our ambition is to achieve great architecture that appeals to our customers’ senses. We always look for the best ideas and believe in them, whoever it is that highlights them in the process.


”The city of our dreams –visions for Gothenburg”
Göteborgs-Posten, 7 Feb 2010.

Wallpaper * Architects Directory 2008.

”Debutant Award 2007”
Arkitektur –The Swedish Review of Architecture, Oct 2007.


Shortlisted for Falu Red Paint Award, 2008.
Shortlisted for the Debutant Award in the magazine Arkitektur, 2007.
Shortlisted for Trollhättan City’s Architecture Award, 2007.