photographer: Simon Larsson


Note is a Stockholm-based design studio founded in 2008 working within the fields of architecture; interior; product and graphic design as well as design strategy. Our pieces for Le Chance, Menu, Zero or Punt among other brands have become renowned worldwide.

Our philosophy is to stand out from the crowd: “To note something, to get noticed: we are named after what we try to achieve. We like to pay attention to our surroundings, and try to create things that make others do the same. By looking at what is unique in every project and emphasizing that, we transform non-material values into tactile objects and spaces.”

In the picture from left to right: Johannes Carlström, Susanna Wåhlin, Daniel Heckscher, Alexis Holmqvist, Cristiano Pigazzini, Charlotte Ackemar, Kristoffer Fagerström.