LPzR is a multi-discipline workshop based in Milan end formed by young architects with a common interest in researching into any field of architecture. The associated architects Sara Lombardi, Gabriele Pranzo-Zaccaria and Federico Reyneri are aged between 33 and 36 years old.


LPzR team is committed to the study of spatial typological solutions for contemporary life, to the testing of innovative materials, to the research of new interactions between architecture and urban morphology.


Any project, even the smallest, counts on the creative contribution of the whole team; the concept is developed by all together, believing that best solutions originate from mutual exchange.

Integrated project

The project integrates economical creative legislative and technical reasons, employing when needed a well-established net of specialized consultants (thus reaching professional completeness able to respond to complex programs at any scale). The concept is developed till engineering and controlled during building-site phase to guarantee the correspondence to the original idea.

Experience and knowledge

LPzR has been developing for years housing projects for real estate developers: new buildings, refurbishment and renovation of old industries. Now it's designing also offices and retails. Last works concern a new religious building and the new headquarters for an important textile industry from Northern Italy.


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