The story Leucos tells to contemporary times is a long, vital and interesting one. A story which began in the sixties calling into question the historical relation between shape and material: it was a revolution. The protagonist was glass, taken away for the first time from the traditional logics of glass art and reinterpreted in an absolutely new way, Taking into consideration the tradition, of course, but also looking at innovative materials and technologies, and reconsidering serial production as an added value to design: the repetition became therefore a multiplication of beauty, and the accessibility to products an opportunity to offer resources to the creative process.

Consistently with this spirit of innovation, the creative process acquires an increasingly important role, becoming the brand stylistic symbol. It is the combination of light and design to define the brand’s identity in the unlimited shapes allowed by the diversity of materials and the evolution of production techniques. An entire universe of expression possibilities, from the glass preciousness to the materials of new conception, opens up for Leucos brand.

The contemporary spirit of Leucos is assigned to the new logo. An evolution which clearly and visibly brings in itself the elements of a bright past – it is really worth saying –, while strongly representing the present of the brand. The synthesis is expressed through the ‘E’ without the vertical stick; a light and nearly fluctuating ‘E’, which stands out in the space with determination to indicate the three lines constituting the brand Leucos. The rest is simply clear: design, space organisation, formal balance. Welcome to the new Leucos.

Another light. The company’s new claim made from just two words, “Another Light,” reinforces the message of renewal, but without losing sight of the past. The word light is central to the company’s mission and philosophy. Looking at things in “another light,” implies viewing things with a different perspective. This perfectly describes Leucos’ ongoing drive to innovate and think “outside-the-box.” Two words only for a world that evolves, while deeply rooted with its past, morphing into something different.