LETTI&CO. is a project dedicated to the culture of sleep. To the many ways of conceiving rest.
The creativity of Paola Navone – company designer and art director – has given life to a very special collection, now even richer and varied. The beds are poetic and ironic. Delicate and inviting. Familiar and unconventional. Inspired by different influences. Dedicated to joyfully elegant homes. Imaginative and timeless.
The beds are made with beautiful fabrics - natural linens and velvets - made special by tailoring details of the highest quality.

The beds are designed to be unique, as unique and personal is the image that everyone has of the ideal bed: an intimate retreat for the night, but also the perfect place to regain energy and feel at home. To read, to meditate, to dream...
In the LETTI&CO. project every bed is “made to measure”.
The different models - all with completely removable cover - are available in various sizes. The structures may have a wooden base, fixed slats or frame with mechanical or electrical movements. The mattress can be springs, made of latex or upholstered with hypoallergenic polymers.

Even duvets and pillows are “made to measure”. Duvets are available with goose down or synthetic material fillings, for winter and summer. The pillows come with a variety of ergonomic fillings.
The LETTI&CO. project also includes sheets and duvet covers, coordinated in size and finish to the different models of bed. In addition, tables, nightstands, chairs, dressers... so that each bed is a really special place.
In every detail.