The brand keilbach was founded in the year 2000 by the industrial designer Peter Keilbach, who already had been successful since the 90s with designs for various other manufacturers.

Reduction is the formal principle of Peter Keilbach. The honest approach to the functional requirements of the user determines his design. The sensuality and the quality of the materials give the products from keilbach their high significance and long life expectancy.

To unite timeless design with craftsmanship to meaningful, pretty products is the ambition of Peter Keilbach. This ambition becomes reality in the idyllic Jagst valley in the south of Germany. The components for the products come from regional suppliers, often family enterprises with a long tradition. The final products are made exclusively by the employees in the company’s own production at the head office in Dörzbach.

We consider the numerous renowned design awards of the recent years as proof for the quality of our design and our products.