Berlin is the starting point for the work of the architects HSH—Florian Hoyer, Harald Schindele and Markus Hirschmüller. Since establishing their office in 1997, they have been designing building projects from here domestically and internationally. HSH has worked across a broad spectrum from individual residential houses through office and residential quarters to the transformation of industry areas. The most important projects are the conversion and extension of the E-Werk and various high-density apartment buildings, for example in the August, Choriner or Gormann streets in Berlin-Mitte. Currently the office is working on, among other things, the reconstruction of the “Café Moskau”. Beyond all of the classical architectural services of design and the execution of construction work, they also pursue self-initiated project developments for investors and private building groups.

The site and all of the information bound up with it, and the assignment and demands of the users form the starting point for each project. Their architecture connects with what is found at the site to tell its own story on the basis of what is present. Consciously controversial in a positive way, their architecture sets its own impulse, instigating a dialogue. The new is self-confidently joined to the old in accordance with a strategy of “communicative reconstruction”. New dwelling forms close gaps in the city and tape over breaks in dense structures. With ambitious family house projects or converted historical industrial buildings, new accents are set into places that had fallen silent, or existing qualities are brought back into the conversation.

Beyond participating in national and international competitions and appraisals, the office mostly works on direct commissions. HSH Hoyer Schindele Hirschmüller present their work at numerous exhibitions locally and internationally, for example at the Architecture Biennale in Venice (2006), the Biennale for Architecture and Design “Fundacao Bienal de Sao Paulo“ (2005/2003), and the 14th Architecture Biennale in Quito (2004). They have accepted lecture invitations from, among others, the Art Center College of Design, Pasadena Institute, the Institute of Contemporary Art in London, the Berliner Architekturgespräche and the International Architecture Congress of the UIA in Berlin. There have also been guest critiques at the Bauhaus Dessau, the TU Berlin, the TU Cottbus, the SCI-Arc in Los Angeles and the University of Kentucky.

Since 2005, all three partners have been members of the Bund Deutscher Architekten (BDA). There are currently 18 employees working for the office. HSH is supported by specialists in close interdisciplinary exchange, according to the particular challenges of each building project.