HouseDeco is a modest Danish furniture company dedicated to the creation of well-crafted and well-balanced custom wood furnitures and interiors. HouseDeco designer/maker Farid Sanai, set out in 1999 with an ambition to create elegant and functional handmade furnitures. With a dedication to craftsmanship as his mantra, he began sculpting and carving, weaving and joining, all degrees of materials, in a search for new aesthetic solutions to the pretext of functionality.
Employing traditional approaches, carefully selected solid hardwoods are sculpted and joined to their custom forms. Finished surfaces are hand-rubbed using only naturaloils, as to create functional and unique furnishings which develop stories over time, create history, legacy, and most of all nostalgia.
We are constantly striving and changing in order to produce innovative designs, solutions and collections. HouseDeco products are designed and produced in Denmark.