I have always worked alone. So, in my studio there is only me. I like it like that
but i don’t think it will be possible to keep it that way very long.
My work is very practical and simple, based in classical values like scale and proportion. I usually look outside architecture to improve my work. Sometimes, a well written romance can be more inspiring than architecture itself. I am now very interested in Cookers like Ferrán Adriá (elBulli) and Santi Santamaria (Can Fabes), the way they think and create in their kitchens is fascinating and very inspiring to me.
I don’t follow any rigid method or a book of rules to design. Everything is relative and I prefer to think that my work is a consequence of my personal experiences and that it translates the way I feel space and form. I will not be surprised if in the future my work changes considerably, I guess it’s natural that it does. I also think that even if it changes a lot, there will always be a common line of thinking that will link all the works together in a way that one can perceive an evolution, either a good or a bad one.
Each work is an attempt to find out more about life and mankind, and that will to discover is what keeps me going.