GROUP A is a studio for architecture in the broadest sense. The office, founded in 1996, is being lead by Adam Visser, Folkert van Hagen and Maarten van Bremen and has a staff of 24 designers and 6 support staff.

GROUP A is an international collective of architects, organised as a design studio. Our office has a horizontal organisational structure that stimulates all employees to contribute and to develop their talents. For each specific project a design team is put together, combining motivation, knowledge and experience. During the design process the members of the team stimulate each other to keep a sharp focus in order to make correct choices. Workshops and discussions on the design merge with the development and elaboration. Because team members are highly involved in the design, there is a real mix of enthusiasm and responsibility, which in turn results in a high design quality.

GROUP A treats every design with an open and exploring point of view. Complex assignments act as a trigger for our creativity. For these assignments, we are always searching for a single answer to multitude of questions. We derive pleasure from our integral way of working. Identity, context, multi-tenancy, logistics, user requirements, building physics, sustainable, value-for-money, atmosphere and our relationships with all involved stakeholders, determine our focus and determination.

For GROUP A the architectural profession is not limited to design alone. Our broad approach not only encompasses projects of differing scale and content, but also building technology, management and cost control. This means we pursue to take responsibilty for the entire design and building process. This connection between design, technique and management means that the architect is involved during the all stages of the design and buildingprocess. In our opinion this is necessary ito guarantee the quality of both the individual building and the entire built environment.

GROUP A's portfolio comprises a broad range of projects, certainly in terms of content. In the past years, we have worked on offices and theatres, industrial buildings and housing projects, redevelopements and museums. Also, we work on projects of differing scale, comprising concept studies, strategies and urban plans, architecture, interiors and tailor-made product designs. We are convinced of the need to treat interior design, architecture and surrounding urban landscape as mutually interactive parts of any design solution.