Frag’s passion for leather was born of a long family tradition: ever since 1921 the company has been treating the material with care, skill and experience, values thanks to which today, after four generations, it can stake its claim on the market as the “leather specialist”.

At Frag work begins with the selection of the hides; then, availing itself of its technical specialisation, it transforms this traditional material into a contemporary, rational product, drawing inspiration from other fields, such as fashion and the manufacturnig of leather bags and accessories.

Leather thus takes on a double value: aesthetic and functional/structural. For several years now, the cultural and technical legacy of Frag has run side by side with continuous research, enhanced by the creativity of the international designers invited to expand its collection. The products share the considerable innovation in the use of the material, quality, elegance of forms and attention to detail, to demonstrate the appropriateness of leather in meeting designers’ project requirements. Thus at Frag tradition and innovation find an ideal equilibrium, so necessary to combine an age-old material with the most cutting edge design. The most contemporary forms, evocative elements and signs of the present shape the leather and its memory, reinterpreting its properties, transforming it into expressive potential, also contributing to extending the success of Frag on the market.

Frag offers classics of contemporary design that perfectly combine both with the warmth of the home and the comfort of new community spaces.