For the love of the garden and material

The combination of modern technology and a special feeling for material, form and design make the company FLORA special. For over 130 years FLORA has specialised in the development and manufacture of high-quality and durable garden tools and garden equipment. You can see the quality and design from FLORA straightaway. “We know exactly what is important. After all, we have decades of experience,” explains Dr Tobias Förster, Managing Director and owner of FLORA Wilh. Förster GmbH & Co. KG.

The FLORA brand has made a name for itself primarily due to the functional and unusual design of the products made of aluminium sheet and sheet steel. “This material is simply fascinating in its elegance and the practical properties,” adds Tobias Förster. Products made of metal are particularly robust and durable. FLORA is well versed in the processing, but to give charm to the products is a challenge for each designer. FLORA has taken up this challenge and has successfully created new products, stimulated old ones again and developed a design line which is unique and distinctive in its use of forms.

The products from FLORA are properly thought-out in their function and put into shape by well-known designers with loving care of the material. One of the designers is Michael Koenig, whose trademark with its straight lines and clear forms extends through the FLORA product world like a thread. “Constantly discovering new possibilities and at the same time relying on proven methods is our recipe for success,” explains Tobias Förster. FLORA always continues to be faithful to its own brand core, classical as far as the corporate culture is concerned, reliable with regard to customers and partners and authentic. “We don’t pursue trendy fashions which are very quickly old hat again,” explains Tobias Förster. “Our design objects set standards, they possess character and are everlasting”.

The experts from FLORA see themselves here as the submitters of ideas for the sector. “Being ahead of the others is today more important than ever”, explains Tobias Förster. “We therefore develop products which are always used sensibly. Practical in use, unusual in design and extremely robust. After all, we want our customers to derive pleasure from them tomorrow as well.”