The company.
Launched in 2004, driven by influential innovative products, FELD immediately became an outstanding presence in the european furniture landscape. Five years later, we are happy to announce that FELD is powered by the Drisag group and takes great benefits from its efficient production and logistic capabilities.

In 2009, we moved to a new headquarter and installed our flagship store in a breakthrough landmark building designed by B-Architekten, in Herentals, near Antwerp (Belgium). We have a dedicated team of people, reinforced by our new Creative Director, the award-winning architect-designer Alain Berteau. As an idea-oriented company, FELD is working with both comfirmed and emerging talents; architects, designers and artists.

The philosophy.
From the very beginning, FELD communication baseline was «narrative design», but what does it mean exactly? FELD products are simple but evolved typologies, offering surprisingly obvious solutions with meaningful presence. FELD products tell stories about their innovative design, about their production processes, or about their functional flexibility, ... in short, FELD products are highly evocative.

We are not following ephemeral decorative trends. Instead, we think that innovation is durable, we strongly believe in the lasting power of relevant ideas. FELD is not about style, FELD is about improvement. We like to challenge existing typologies and try to improve them instead of just reshaping them. We want to bring on the market strong objects that you will still be happy to possess and use twenty years from now. Furniture with convenient simplicity, with integrated ecology, with functional and emotional added-value.

I hope you will enjoy our FELD design stories.

Ad Renders, chairman.