About us

Febrü stands for tradition and innovation, quality and flexibility, reliability and creativity. The company is rooted in the heart of East-Westphalia, with high expectations of itself, the employees, the products and the daily common work ethic. We keep alert to everything that happens in architecture and development of the office environment.

The arrival of furniture is the last step in a long chain of different activities and processes. 125 employees working in a variety of ways, across the different divisions up to delivery and installation with one aim, to create a special office feeling.

In close dialog with our customers we develop the desired concept and provide a matching solution. All aspects of material, colour, light and acoustics are included. Desk – chair – cabinet: with these single components totally different aesthetics, spatial concepts and room situations are possible. All our furniture are ergonomically designed to support the daily work ideal and sustain a healthy environment. Our products are GS-tested and certificated.

To realise design and construction for us is not a problem, as all parts of Febrü office furniture are produced in Herford. Here we are not only organising and producing but also developing and fabricating. In our design and technical departments ideas become prototypes, creativity becomes a product. All this is possible due to our enormous depth and flexibility of in-house production and because the handling of metal components is as familiar to us as those in wood. This high in-house production depth of 95% leaves plenty of space for individual and project orientated development.

The development of standards is also done at our Herford factory. In all areas of construction, prototyping and production the choice of material and dimensions are defined and tested using our own extensive facilities. Test installations put the furniture through its paces and discussions of input, use and compatibility take place. The path to the Febrü product portfolio has many hurdles to cross. The Febrü work and quality standards set the bench marks high.

This means: New Febrü office furniture looks good not only after delivery but due to its modular and flexible forms that are versatile, modern and always ready for change, it is designed for a long service life. It creates up to date offices that are living environments, so that the elements and feelings of office life become a space you like to work in.

To ensure the pleasure and value of the furniture over a long period and to be able to add to the installation as time passes, we provide supply of additional pieces for up to 10 years. Protection of the environment was integrated into our developments long before sustainability became an expression of modern environmental consciousness and is still a self-evident part of our philosophy.

Our machinery is kept to the latest stage of development and accordingly energy efficient. Optimisation of wood cutting and modern machinery for metal working help to avoid waste and safeguard resources. Our suppliers are mainly in our region, so shorter journeys mean saving energy and avoiding unnecessary CO2-emissions. Our production purchasing department are always searching for hygienic, harmless and environmentally safe materials and as confirmation, the Febrü products have the Blue Angel mark of approval. Our packaging is from cardboard that is adapted to the single component and re-useable, when this is no longer possible, the cardboard goes to recycling. The quantity of carbon dioxide avoided by recycling is calculated every year and certificated by »interseroh«.

Life itself is change and development. Therefore, we never stop thinking about new design and products, using our own expertise or together with external designers and production specialists. It is part of our understanding that design competence brings with it a promise of superior quality. The most important and best confirmation for us, are happy customers.
The red dot product design award for the products desk series Sox (2009) and Intero (2012) and the red dot communication design award 2011 for our corporate design and office book have made us very happy and are an incentive to push forward in all aspects of our company’s development.
This trend is of course having an impact on manufacturing as well. The switch to laserTEC edge-banding of wooden components was undertaken in the first half of 2012. The use of laser technology enables the join between lipping and table top to be sealed and rendered almost invisible. The bonding surface is partially melted by a laser beam and the lipping is pressed directly onto the component. This innovative technology enables us to achieve constant premium quality.


Foundation of Nedulux GmbH on September 6th, 1996, by leading employees of the former Febrü Group – Udo Donges, Gerhard Homburg, Erich Hempelmann and Hermann Meier as well as the trading partners DSN Design & Office (Netherlands) and Bureau Moderne S.A. (Luxembourg). In autumn 1996, the company starts its business with 39 employees at the location in Bünde.

Renaming of Nedulux GmbH into Febrü Büromöbel Produktions- und Vertriebs-GmbH on January 30th, 1997. The office furniture is planned, designed, developed, produced and shipped at the two locations in Bünde (wood manufacturing, shipment, stock, administration) and Herford (metal construction, showroom). The business strategy of Febrü: focussing on the essential; high quality, highest standards of service plus corporate agility which makes it possible to agree to customer’s individual demands. By developing the office furniture series Europlan due, Febrü meet their ambition to furnish all levels of office administration.

Febrü grows to 92 employees and is setting high environmental standards. The company convinces the market with high quality, product innovation and flexibility. Febrü offers office furniture systems cast in the same mould, from the open plan office to the executive’s suite. Also, the company achieves a management quality certified to ISO 9000.

The whole enterprise relocates to Herford. The high vertical range of manufacture, which is nearly 95 %, gives production flexibility for individual and project-orientated engineering and fabrication. The models are designed, developed and produced at an area of 13.000 sqm with in-house metal construction, wood manufacturing and prototyping. The basic materials used are recyclable to almost 100 %.

The Adesso series is launched. A timeless and practical conference table programme with integrated connections, suitable for every type and size of meeting.

Development and launch of the Brio series. The use of curves in this dynamic and variable reception counter programme offers suitable solutions for large and small areas.

Febrü expands its export sales activities and assumes new partners in Belgium, Switzerland and Italy, in addition to the existing and continuously growing partners in Luxembourg and the Netherlands. Febrü establishes representation in other important European markets.

Opening of the first Febrü showroom in Hamburg. At the traditional “Phoenixhof” customers get inspiration from the demonstrated office solutions. In autumn, the showroom in Herford is refurbished and updated and a new production hall for panel cutting is built. This allows Febrü to be self-sufficient in this process and to cut panels individually. Both desk series eGo and Trento are launched. eGo is a high-value solution for the most demanding of executive office requirements. Trento is a compact and light table with a sturdy but slim aspect.

Febrü is awarded the environmental label „ DER BLAUE ENGEL “. The desk series Quadro, Certo, Trento, Europlan and Pro Office as well as pedestals and cupboards are allowed to be branded with that label for low-emission products.

The desk series Sox is launched and wins the prestigious red dot design award. This system has a clear design ethos, creative and inspiring, modular and changeable, light and clean, colourful and exciting, beautiful and unique.

Opening of the Febrü showroom in Ansbach. Customers from the south of Germany now have the opportunity to see the Febrü office solutions.

Febrü wins the red dot award again, this time for the new corporate design and the office book.

Febrü still grows and has 125 employees at present. In March, the desk series Intero also wins the red dot design award. Intero impresses with lightness and design consistency, being both pure and distinctive. In spring, the new laserTEC machining centre is launched. The laserTEC allows edging without joints. In addition to improved optical characteristics the invisible joint is more durable and ecologically friendly because of the optimized production method. Single-unit production and custom-made items can still be realized.