As a family and a company, Fantini has always been deeply rooted in Pella, on the shores of Lake D’Orta. In this small, very special town, which the Americans would describe as “in the middle of nowhere”, water is a leading player and products are created here for daily life to bring water into our homes, continuously renewing a little drop of magic that has become essential today. If we think about it, outstanding Italian products almost always come about in small towns and villages, in isolated and sheltered places, far away from the noise of the major urban concentrations; in contrast, these rarely produce striking innovations. It is as though, in order to express itself with all its power, creativity needs isolation, concentration and total dedication.

Then, the power of water
So those who live on Lake D’Orta feel (are?) really rather special: they are accustomed to a landscape with a beauty that has crystallised over time, to a rarefied air that is sometimes almost unreal, like an illusive apparition, which could disappear from one moment to the next; they are strongly conditioned by the presence of water, a dominant subject in the tradition, in the popular wisdom and in the imagination, and by its power; they are accustomed to considering it a protagonist in all its forms: water of the lake, river, rain, springs…. Almost through an inevitable and inscrutable destiny, therefore, almost all the local inhabitants work around the themes of water and metal, which from ancient times have been closely connected.

And design, part of the company DNA
Here at Fantini we invent and produce with a clear and ambitious aim that we never fail to meet: invention, design and technology must proceed together, as inseparable elements of creation targeted to seek perfection, with the strong conviction that innovating even the smallest detail of this production microcosm can contribute to improving the quality of life. Design is part of the company DNA and the heritage of its long experience of production: but the result of the work always comes from a team effort, from a way of proceeding that sees many players on the stage, each with his or her own role, but without any hierarchies. And from a way of proceeding that places the individual, their qualities and capacities, at the centre of the process; from designers to technicians, from managers to workers, in their own role each contributes to the final result of the product. And so it is that from here, from this small place, which sometimes is even hard to find on the map, Fantini, thanks to its capacity and its knowledge of the quality of Italian products, has disseminated its products around the world, in an international circuit that today links Shanghai, Sidney, New York, Buenos Aires, Mumbai or Cape Town virtually with Lake D’Orta and Italy.