Evie Group isn't your average design studio. Located in Sydney, the Evie Group umbrella covers an award winning product range, as well as design services within product/industrial and graphic design. Established back in 2010 by industrial designers Alex Gilmour and Dominic Chong, Evie Group today boasts a creative skill set and experience across multiple design industries. They strive to exceed client expectations in all areas. Products for the way you live: The Evie collection consists of a range of award winning home wares, lighting and furniture. Inspired by American modernism and the simplicity of Scandinavian and Japanese design, the underlying philosophy is to create designs that are carefully considered, elegant and timeless in their aesthetic. Designed with a practical approach for everyday use Evie Group hopes that users enjoy their products and hold on to them for years to come. Evie products are available to purchase from eviegroup.com and select retailers. Their products are produced by responsible manufacturers and utilise efficient production methods with minimal material waste and are packed using recyclable packaging. Products use materials fit for purpose and are recommended for residential and commercial projects.