Emmanuel Combarel and dominique Marrec Architects (ECDM) is an office for architecture based in Paris. ECDM’s work focuses on transformational and flexible concepts as well as on issues of sustainable development. The open programming provides an overall conceptual platform to define specific scenarios for specific projects. The method may be characterized as an integrative approach.  In close collaboration with the client, associated engineers, consultants and future occupants, our work consists of bringing forth fundamental concepts and guiding a design response, appropriate for a specific time, place and program. The pertinent solution is as much concerned with functional legibility and technical appropriateness, as with architecture’s significant and poetic content.  The search for quality in design and construction is at the centre of the firm’s organization and is demonstrated through close collaboration between all disciplines.  The team’s philosophy is built around progressively acquired principles distilled from 12 years of experience in developing specific projects in all sectors of architectural practice including new construction, renovation, urbanism and design.