The dua collection combines ideas from name designers, who each have their own conception of thinking and working. dua gives an insight into their basic research and creative powers. The production is developed from the principle of short ways, according to an economic and ecological balance, and personal contact. So recent computer-aided operations are paired with specific workmanship. dua attaches great importance to the storyline of a design. To emphasize this purpose, we cooperate with our broadly based network: the dua connection. It is composed of designers, choreographers and dancers, directors and actors as well as photographers, video artists and musicians. With this network, dua realises your individual ideas.


April 2010
Exhibition, Spazio Rossana Orlandi, Presentation of the movavle lamp, Milan

March 2010
Exhibition, Blickfang 10, Stuttgart

January 2010
Prototype, Yps Table by Christian Poppel

Cologne Design Week, dua presents Christian Poppels latest design: the Yps table.

January 2010
Exhibition, designersfair 10, Köln

October 2009
Exhibition, Neue Räume 09, Zurich

September 2009
red dot award: communication design 2009

August 2009
Stage design: Opera d‘efecta

In August 2009, dua planned and built the stage setting for the Opera d‘efecta production of the interdisciplinary group “crucible”. In addition, a temporary jazz club was launched to accompany the play.

August 2009
Exhibition: Designwalk@Promenade du Port, Sardinia

In the summer of 2009 dua showcased the „movale lamp“ by Sebastian Däschle in collaboration with the Milanese gallery Rossana Orlandi at Porto Gervo, Sardinia.

Stage scenery, temporary showroom, temporary jazz club, Konstanz

Guesthouse for Documenta, Project Kasbah, House Liane, Kassel

Exhibition, „das fremde zimmer“, furniture fair, Milan