When chatting to the designers of our furniture, we ask them to do one thing. Create it on the basis of what you would like to do on it! Read books? Make love? Gaze at the night sky?

We have imagination and are not afraid to use it. We work with people whose imagination surprises with increasing intensity. That’s why delivié furniture is being signed by splendid Polish designers like Tomasz Augustyniak, Paweł Grobelny, MOWOstudio, Jan Kochański, Grycaj Design, Natasza Sałańska and Dawid Żebrowski.

And what about us? We create delivié for people greedy for pleasure. For the kind of people who thought that nothing in life could surprise them anymore.

And we like to surprise.

Delivié. Pure pleasure.

Delivié is a new premium brand of products made of metal. In our portfolio you will find a furniture collection for outdoor and modern interiors, as well as accessories, including pots and hangers.

All of our collections are signed by top Polish designers, including the winners of the Red Dot Award's Honourable Mention. 

In our collections, we use the highest quality materials, such as Corian, teak wood and tempered glass. Another one of Delivié's important assets is the professional background of our executives. All our products are manufactured entirely in Poland. They are created using the careful, predominantly manual, labour of a group of welding, bending, grinding and painting specialists.