Cerámica Mayor S.A. is one of the leading extruded material manufacturers in Europe with a very long tradition in the production of floor tiles and special pieces both natural and glazed. The company was founded last century by Fernando Mayor Boluda and nowadays is directed by the three Mayor brothers. In the year 2004, all facilities in factory were prepared for the production of long pieces till 1.50 m.

According to the present market necessities, we have worked very rigorously in all the processes, from the clay preparation, production, glazing process and firing in order to get a product of very high quality to answer all architects’ necessities

We cannot avoid seeing the actual situation, that enviroment respect is one of the most important conditions in industrial systems. All processes of our manufacturing system have been developed in order to facilitate complete recycling.

Energy saving is an important value for our company and it makes our rainscreen an essential element for current construction.