Tecnologia & Diseño CABANES S.A. was born 1994 specializing in the production of urban furniture, which origin comes from a family company founded in 1917. The acquired experience in the design and manufacture in products for outdoor furniture for public places, to face up a new phase to expand his production to interior spaces public places and outdoor controlled.

In CABANES would like to help humanity the outdoor public, indoor places and common places of outdoor controlled.

In order to do this equipment pleasant spaces that help the contact social with the persons, with  right products to use, the aesthetics, functional, quality, and right value. To create environment for to rest, watch, talk, play, think. With the elements for rest, lighting, cleaning, signposting, demarcation, flower pots...

In CABANES consider the design and innovation as a basic pillar of our philosophy essential for to contribute the need value to the products offers for the company as the services. This way is essential to implement persons group make up the company mission/foresight, to improve and to benefit and to make a good management of design and innovation. With this process to achieve increase non-stop service our competence to transform in products and services excellents with great value for our customers and users.