Buzzi & Buzzi is an Italian lighting company specialized in recessed luminaires of total disappearance.
It has established itself both nationally and internationally thanks to its own and patented materials: CORAL®, AIRCORAL®, DURCORAL®, CORAL WATER OUT®.

AIRCORAL® is an innovative material certified by TCNA (Tile Council of North America) characterized by eco-active, anti-polluting, anti-bacterial and photocatalytic properties. In fact, it has the capacity to break down pollutants encountered in the urban environment, making the areas where it is installed healthier and more hygienic. This cleansing action is carried out even in the absence of light. AirCoral® is ideal in all private and public instances (hospitals, health centres, hotels, schools and kindergartens,…) where there is a particular need of a healthy environment.

DURCORAL® is the material used for the “external line”. It offers exceptionally high performance in terms of quality, capacity and strength. Twice as hard as cement and, unlike other materials for external use, it is suitable for any type of finish and paint. It is characterized by its resistance to scratching, salty water, ultra-violet rays, pollution and atmospheric agents.

CORAL WATER OUT® is characterized by highly resistant to water penetration. This water-repellent effect is a structural feature of the material itself and remains unchanged over time. This material is therefore ideally suited to IP65/IP44-rated recessed lighting, suitable for use in external environments and ideal for all the locations where water and humidity restrict the choice of technical lighting.