BENSEN Italy is a new partnership between Danish designer Niels Bendtsen (founder of BENSEN, Canada) and Paolo Chiarot (former co-owner and Director of Horm srl). BENSEN Italy was established earlier this year to service the European market and produce new designs at its own facility in Italy.

BENSEN products offer a subtle type of luxury that eschews unnecessary embellishments and indulgent details. The BENSEN aesthetic is quiet, refined, and timeless; asserting a sense of classic Scandinavian modernism and simplicity, but also a global contemporary design language based in the Italian culture of meticulous production and elegance. Sophisticated and elegantly detailed BENSEN can be used easily in a wide range of aesthetic environments and varying applications.

Each product is the outcome of continuous research and experimentation that explores innovative production techniques, construction methods, and product functionality. Careful consideration is given to every design detail to ensure it honestly expresses its purpose and design intent, with an emphasis on efficiency to manufacture. The result is timeless modern design that derives luxury from perfect utility and quality, while achieving a level of affordability unavailable elsewhere.

BENSEN Italy is managed by Paolo and situated in the Pordenone region of Italy.