The concept of the Arclinea kitchen evolves at the same pace as the cultural and social evolution of its users. Basing its combination of tradition and innovation on the criteria of functions, Arclinea has modified the kitchen, in time transforming it from a show of status into a space for living, somewhere chosen for the pleasure of preparing, cooking and sharing. There is no doubt that our vision has radically reinterpreted the way kitchens are seen and used. Our approach, founded on careful analysis of the evolution of our collection, has opened two alternative routes. The design of the kitchen, the room that has always been the fulcrum for family life and activity, moves in two different directions: the large ‘socialising” kitchen with its diversified planning aspects and the ‘mimetic’ kitchen with all its totally customisable services and functions, perfect even when space is at a premium due to any reason, for improved layout in terms of multi-functionality. Arclinea has applied this analysis of the processes of social change to production criteria, becoming a main player in a sector where it has introduced a new design concept, bringing the features of restaurant kitchens into the home. For a while now Arclinea has also offered ‘professional’ kitchens for top-level cuisine: tangible, rational and welcoming layouts for culinary schools. Exemplary, differentiated partnerships that seem almost to draw inspiration from Arclinea home kitchens for professional catering design. This evolved mindset, applied to various sectors, has made way for the “Arclinea Project Division”, which thanks to its Hospitality, Marine and Residential divisions is today a constantly expanding international business.

The main concept of the Arclinea identity, excellence, is generated by a set of constituent values that over time have dialogued along an unswerving path of quality.


Certain passions are handed down and become vocation. Over time, an aptitude for ‘doing’ becomes ‘knowhow’ and turns into History.


Through the pleasure of knowhow and wanting to be, passion is an everyday experience that transforms processes into products.


Tradition, the result of a bond with the local area, is continually evolving artisan dedication: starting with the material and its natural transformation.


Creativity deeply rooted in knowhow embraces good taste to transform inspiration into a series of unique articles.


Anticipating, interpreting and responding to changes in society and people’s behaviour means translating ideas into design culture.


Professionalism makes it easier to use the competences acquired to expand and spread a unique product culture. 


New things that grow out of the fertile terrain of tradition are innovations that transform and improve people’s lives. 


Ethical awareness is based on respect for what is good and fair for man and his surrounding environment: starting with the kitchen environment.