april furniture is a modern outdoor furniture brand. The collection of minimalist, weather-proof outdoor furniture comes in a range of colours suitable for both private and public use. The concept behind the upholstered lounge furniture from april furniture focuses on weatherproof textiles. Despite their water-resistant qualities, these textiles feel like natural materials and are just as soft and comfortable as woolen materials and cotton fabrics. The modern textiles are also dirt-repellent, meaning that even tough stains like bird droppings or fine dust can be easily removed. These properties enable the textiles to be used for furniture boasting modern and minimalist designs that can even be used outdoors.

With the lounge furniture LOOP, LOOPy, JAM and the garden loungers LOOPSTER and JAMSTER april furniture presents a collection of high quality, minmalist upholstered furniture, which is suitable for permanent use outdoors. Also from water-resistent textiles, the sunshade SHANGRILA offers new possibilities for providing shade for terraces and complements the collection of upholstered furniture.