AG Land is a Barcelona-based Spanish company that manufactures office furniture for management and senior management.  The company was founded in 1968 and has evolved by adapting itself to the changes and new requirements of the market.
Its products are designed by today’s the most important and leading-edge designers, blending high-quality finishes such as natural varnished wood, matt and gloss lacquers, chromed metal, etc.
The catalogue offers a wide range of exclusive products for those persons who, because of their job and/or professional status, require an apt image and portrayal, without overlooking basic components such as ergonomics, functionality, technological features, etc.
In addition to our extensive furniture and chairs catalogue, our experience enables us to adapt ourselves to any customised project, applying the R&D&i required to optimise the end result in terms of quality, design and costs. 
With longstanding experience, AG Land, a specialised manufacturer of executive furniture for presidential, senior management and middle management levels, as well as for boardrooms, meeting rooms and conference rooms, adapting ourselves with ease and flexibility to customised projects and special products. It is a company that forms part of the exception, given that it combines the authentic tradition of craftsmanship with the application of the most advanced techniques. Thus, hand tools operated by accomplished wood experts combine with sophisticated machinery to create a product with exacting quality standards.
One of the key factors of success at AG Land is its ongoing presence and supervision throughout the manufacturing procedure of its furniture.  From selecting the finest woods, stringent control of the drying process, thorough treatment to ensure a long-lasting resistance, attentive transformation using exclusive curvature techniques, through to polishing and the application of suitable varnishes.