We have set ourselves the goal to create innovative and top quality furniture and objects under the label of aaro. Form, material and hand- craft are harmonized. Thereby, unique products evolve and create an added value through their functionality and clear expression of form. The combination, application and arrangement of the materials express a high quality standard. The interaction of handcraft and design gains in importance through the collaboration with local providers.

With us, from the idea to the first draft, followed by the functional model and the prototype, it all evolves from one source.
The parts of the small series are being produced in local facilities. Thus aaro is flexible and able to systematically use new materials and modern procedure and manufacturing techniques.

Philipp Schuler: BA Industrial Design / Advanced Studies in Interior Design / Cabinet Maker
Roland Wildi: Business Administrator / Master Cabinet Maker
... have both completed their apprenticeship in the same company. In the course of time they have often used the same motorway exit “Aarau-Ost”. Thus the label name aaro. With the further education, their ways separated.
The passion for furniture, design and handcraft has brought them back together on the same path.