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TIX Table
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Simple solid-wood tops from trees up to a century old, supported on an equally simple metal structure: these are the basic elements of tables in the TIX Collection. The individual character of the wood, the different methods of surface treatment and the various sub-frame panels make each table an unmatched, uniquely valuable creation. A two-piece table top creates spatial tension and emphasises the longitudinal direction. The gap serves to hold candle sticks or a flower vase or as a sideboard. The two halves of the tabletop can also be pushed together. A rectangular TIX table normally measures between 180 and 380 centimetres in length and 90 to 130 cm in width, but any preferred dimensions can be ordered. A square TXI table has a base frame consisting of two curved side panels. In this case the sides are normally between 130 and 150 cm long, but here too other side lengths are possible

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