Product family


Energy-efficient. Slim. Impressive. This excellent high efficiency TASK series is perfect for the office.

TASK Free standing/Wall
TASK FREE STANDING and the new TASK WALL are available with the BIO-PULSE Intelligence (BPI) option. This smart control always ensures optimum workplace lighting conditions by simulating daylight over the course of the day. XAL uses BPI specifically for indirect light to boost the efficiency of biodynamic light on the ceiling. The light colour varies from 1800 K to 6500 K and provides even lighting for open-plan offices. New X-TALK wireless Technology makes it possible to control indirect light centrally from smart devices for groups or individually for single lights.

TASK Ceiling/suspended
TASK SUSPENDED has been expanded to include a ceiling-mounted fixture. TASK CEILING features a slim shape and can be installed very close to the ceiling. It installs easily on a bracket without any tools. The different versions of the TASK series enable variety within a single design line even in large offices.

TASK SQUARE ceiling/suspended
The new square light fixture in the TASK series is available as a ceiling-mounted option and a suspended option. TASK SQUARE features the same technical characteristics as TASK CEILING. Thanks to its new shape, TASK SQUARE adds to your design freedom when working on large projects.

TASK System
These slim-profile (180 mm) suspended fixtures can be combined using a smart plug-in system. No tools are needed to connect the lights, and electrical and mechanical contact is automatic thanks to the plug connections. TASK SYSTEM provides the usual professional functions: screen-compatibility with UGR < 19 and energy-efficient LEDs with high colour rendering; TASK SYSTEM is available with 3000 K or 4000 K.

TASK table
TASK TABLE is the new desk luminaire in the TASK series with a contemporary look, sleek design and high functionality. The head can be rotated 360° and tilted 15°, giving TASK TABLE the flexibility to adapt to working conditions at home or in the office.