Biomorphic Cylindrical Shapes Used As Light Diffusors

Advanced mathematical calculations have allowed the inventors of WAVE to spherically bend the modules into very attractive, barrel-like structures. From these, the designers have derived cylinder-shaped objects and have made them to functional, yet highly aesthetic light fixtures. The barrel-like structures are especially well-suited for the use as lampshades, as the barrel shape almost completely shields the solid angle around a light source. Following the basic principle of WAVE, this structure emerges when vertical but curved lamellae are interconnected with horizontal and curved elements, which have been bent into a circular shape.

An expressly developed software allows to visually experiment within the chosen range of forms. Customized patterns to be cut with CNC machines can be drawn instantaneously: The three dimensional data of the desired WAVE lamellae are reduced to two dimensions and saved to a folder. These data contain all the codes and information required for the identification of the single components, including the plug and socket points, and therefore do not need any further processing or revision.

Choose freely: All WAVE objects can be developed and delivered in any desired shape, with customized undulations and made to fit the required installation depth. The WAVE team will be happy to advise and support their customers, whether it be a standard application or the fruition of a particular idea to meet special requirements.

Material: Polyacetal, 1 mm
Color: Natural-colored, slightly translucent
Length: 1200 mm
Diameter: 340 mm