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WeightWorkx Club
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Product description

The WeightWorkx Club made out of oiled beech wood displaying all the characteristics one looks for in wood manufacturing: sturdiness, pliability and durability. The measurements of the WeightWorkx are 35" x 90" x 37" and a total weight of 298lb.

Product variants


WeightWorkx: weight training

Classic weight training for maximum results.
With the WeightWorkx you are choosing classic weight training exercise. The machine can be stacked with up to 70kg and offers the same exercises and functions as the WaterWorkx. The individual weight plates weigh 5kg and are rubber-coated for a more pleasing, non-clanking sound during your workout. The WeightWorkx combines weight training with a high-end design, as well as use of choice materials. The cable system functions similarly to that of the WaterWorkx with water resistance, yet offers the familiar feel of exercising with weights.

Moving our body throughout the day is something we rarely overthink-we’re familiar with how we can move, our strengths and limits, yet rarely think of how our muscles are working. During exercise, we’re used to feeling our muscles contract and extend -strain and release. But if we examine body weight exercise like squats or pull-ups, both pulling/standing up and lowering down will work your muscles. The WeightWorkx functions on exactly this principle: working your muscles both concentrically (contraction phase) and eccentrically (extension phase).

Nearly silent
You’ll find your exercise rhythm easily with the WeightWorkx, with no unpleasant, distracting noises from clanking weight plates to deter you. This machine is manufactured with highest quality materials and outfitted with rubberized weights.

Suitable for all
The WeightWorkx’ many adjustment possibilities and wide range of possible exercises, as well as its resistance options, make this exercise station ideal in variety and intensity, for both men and women.