Key facts

Product description

The WallBars Ash is made out of ash wood and is available with 10 or 14 rungs. The measurements of the WallBars are 91" x 31" x 5" with a total weight of 46lb.

Product variants


A Classic Piece of Wooden Fitness Equipment
Classic wall bars are made of wood while some manufacturers use metal. Exercise wall units are standard equipment in fitness studios, physiotherapy practices and gyms, but are now also becoming increasingly popular in private homes. As with all NOHrD wooden fitness equipment, the WallBars unit is perfectly suited to blend into the home interior and meet all aesthetic and functional demands.

Wallbars with an unparalleled feature: the foldout bar function
The NOHrD WallBars is a multifunctional exercise unit made of precious wood - its unique feature being the foldout bar function at the top of the unit. This piece exudes elegance as much as strength and stability, offering a variety of extensions to make it the perfect, multifunctional all-rounder. Above all, the WallBars will prove to be a most practical space-saver: accessories like the NOHrD CombiTrainer, MultiAdapter and Workout Bench can be stored directly onto the unit. Theres a guiding principle with wallbars: the higher and wider, the better - rungs, longer in length, enable a wider variety of exercises. Yet the wallbars should never become too massive, especially when home fitness space is limited.

NOHrD WallBars adhere to our highest manufacturing and quality standards: top-quality, handcrafted rungs and side beams are individually assembled and mounted as a complete, space-saving piece of exercise equipment to the wall.