Product description

Technical Information:
Light source: 8 W LED
Light source included
Colour temperature: 3000K
CRI: > 80
Lumen: 824
Lumen/ W: 103
LED lifetime: 50,000 h

The w154 Pal is made of aluminium.

Joint construction:
A clever joint construction built around a wheel that is hidden in one of the arms, enables smooth movements.

Warm white LED:
The light technology is based on a highly energy-efficient, high quality, LED solution which gives a warm white light.

Glare-protecting shade and diffuser:
The shade protects from glare while the diffuser gives an evenly distributed light.

Hight: 534 mm
Width: 480 mm

Product family


w154 Pal is the essence of modern task lighting: an engineered but graceful construction that sets its focus on bringing high quality LED light into the working environment while keeping a certain formal purity.
The all-metal structure with its slim profiles and integrated mechanics allows for a smooth and easy movement, while the shade incorporates a 9W high-end warm LED with intelligent heat dissipation and light diffusion. Aesthetically, the design is reduced to a strictly geometrical language, all the way into the finest details of the cast and extruded aluminium elements, complementing the sustainable longevity of the light source.