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w151s1 Claesson Koivisto Rune
w151 Extra large pendant
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Claesson Koivisto Rune >, Eero Koivisto >, Mårten Claesson >, Ola Rune >
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Interior lighting-Suspended lights >

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Technical Information:
Light source: 19 W LED
Light source included
Colour temperature: 3000K
CRI: > 80
Lumen: 2000 (s1 and s2) 2500 (s3)
Lumen/ W: 100 (s1 and s2) 125 (s3)
LED lifetime: 50,000 h

The w151 Extra Large Pendants are made of spun aluminium.

Warm white LED:
The light technology is based on a highly energy-efficient, high quality, LED solution which gives a warm white light.

Glare-protecting shade and diffuser:
The shade protects from glare while the diffuser gives an evenly distributed light.

Each shade has an integrated, dimmable, electronic driver that enables dimming from an external dimmer. For example a wall dimmer.

Coloured inside:
Using LEDs to project the light directly downwards, the shade is not used as a reflector. This gives the option of painting the inside of the shade in the same colour as the outside, without destroying the quality of the light outside. The result is a beautiful and at the same time, playful effect as a small amount of light lights up the coloured inside of the shade.

Steel wired inforced cable:
The pendants are equipped with a steel wired in-forced cable which avoids an extra wire for the suspension.

Length: 1280 mm
Width: 440 mm
5 m steel wired inforced cable. Ceiling rose included.

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Lamp fixtures have historically been shaped to encase different light sources such as the light bulb. Because of the physical shape and size of the light source the light fixture itself became of sig- nificant size. Today, thanks to LED, the almost zero-sized light source does no longer limit the size and shape of the light fixture. Consequently, minimising has become the design rule.

"However, with pendants in particular, the light fixture has always had an additional role apart from providing light – it shapes the room. The lamp that hangs from the ceiling, often above a table, creates a room within the room. In w151 Extra Large Pendant we’re bringing back the room-shaping quality – not with one lamp, but three. Based on the most basic of geometrical shapes – the cone – the lamp comes in three variations: the tall and narrow, the archetypical and the low and wide. All three are super-sized, pushing the limits of manufactured, spun aluminium, yet fitting through a normal doorframe. The feature of this." Claesson Koivisto Rune