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Modern wallpaper, eco-friendly, PVC free and washable

WallPepper®/Group, is authentic expression of High Quality "Made in Italy" and offers decorative solutions developed with only natural, eco-friendly, PVC-free and fire-resistant certified materials. Technical excellence mixed with artistic offer with different collections of graphics and images suitable for any mood and space.

The WallPepper® surfaces meet all strict criteria related to human health and can be used for the decoration of hospitals, schools and restaurants. They are confrom with the Greenguard Children & Schools standard and have earned, among many, the prestigious IMO / MED certification to use in shipbuilding decoration.

WP/Smooth TNT is our non-woven wallpaper, composed by agave and cellulose with unique features: soft-touch texture, washable with neutral solutions, designed for indoor decoration; its composition lets spaces "breath" for furnishing with charme.
Consistent research for innovative and comfortable solutions made WallPepper®/Group develop special technical systems to bring the WallPepper creativity in every space, with no limits to creativity.

WP/Suede: PET recycled, stain-resistant, washable with detergents
WP/Acoustic: for a real acoustic containment
WP/H2O: to use in spaces with humidity or in contact with water
WP/Strong: for further mechanical resistance
WP/Off: for applications on any external surface

All our special systems can have a surface finish with "CE" WALLSILK®ANTIBACTERIAL.

Product variants


Up-to-date is contemporary. New graphics from up-to-date collection reveal
extraordinary and unexpected suggestions for decorating the modern living.
Bold textures, surprising optical effects, eclectic mixes of shapes and colors, abstract creations, hypnotic shapes, new geometries and minimalisms, graphics that faithfully reproduce surfaces of materials like marble, concrete, wood or metal, and final result on wall is absolutely charming.
Moreover, classical and time-less motifs are mixed with proposals from industrial style and the unmistakable urban design.