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Room in room-Office Pods >
So...-Sound absorbing architectural systems >

Product description

Phone booths and free-standing acoustic pods, upholstered, available as options for 1, 2, 4, and 6. The body of the sides feature a special layered structure and high-performance acoustic glass, which allows an increased level of isolation from the surrounding noise. The sound-absorbing fabrics and upholstery absorb external noise, providing optimal conditions for a confidential conversation. Front wall (and – optionally – the back wall) are made of tempered double glazed safety glass. The pods are smoothly upholstered with the SONUS fabric on the outside. The internal side walls are lined with smooth-line sound-absorbing panels. Customize your product with these available features: LED lighting, a quiet and efficient ventilation system, a connection panel. In addition booths and pods are available in an open variant.

Product family


VANK_WALL2 is another series of acoustic office pods. The original diamond pattern found on the inside has been replaced with a soft, wave-like form of acoustic panels. The new aesthetics was inspired by the phenomenon of two opposing sound waves meeting head-on, becoming both ‘cancelled’ as a result.
The series includes the following options: a phone booth for 1 and acoustic pods for 2, 4, and 6. The products are upholstered with the sound-absorbing Sonus fabric. The basic features of the pods include: a quiet mechanical ventilation system, a high-quality natural LED lighting system suitable for office work, and a connection panel. Additional features include e.g. a mono/stereo sound system connectable to mobile devices (via Bluetooth). Thanks to the multi-layer structure of the body, use of high-performance acoustic glass, and internal panels made of foam and covered with polyester microfibre fabric, the pods boast a high level of acoustic insulation. They help keep discussions private and make working both alone in smaller teams comfortable. At the same time, the pods isolate the office noise sources we often mention as the most irritating, such as phone calls made by our colleagues working next to us.