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Room in room-Office Pods >
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Product description

Phone booths and free-standing acoustic pods, upholstered, available as options for 1, 2-3, 4, and 6. The body of the sides feature a special layered structure and high-performance acoustic glass, which allows an increased level of isolation from the surrounding noise. The sound-absorbing fabrics and upholstery absorb external noise, providing optimal conditions for a confidential conversation and improving the acoustics of the surrounding space. The side walls are available in one- or two-sided diamond-patterned variants, with a glass front. An option with a back wall featuring tempered double glazed safety glass is also available. You can customize your product with these additional features: LED lighting, a quiet and efficient ventilation system, a connection panel. In addition booths and pods are available in an open variant as well.

Product family


VANK_WALL acoustic pods, thanks to special structural solutions and the application of sound-absorbing materials, offer efficient soundproofing. They may serve different purposes: acting as phone booths or places to relax and gather one’s thoughts, as briefing rooms for small teams, and, finally, as video conference rooms. VANK_WALL pods are available as options for 1, 2/3, 4, and 6. Even the basic option comes with a range of features that ensure comfort and convenience: a LED lighting system, a ventilation system, and a media port adapted to the user’s needs. Pods for 1 person are equipped with a laptop shelf, and the largest option offers enough space for a table and a set of chairs.
The body of the pod is upholstered with sound-absorbing fabrics, just like the floor covering. Additional soundproofing is ensured by the employment of high quality glass. VANK_WALL pods come in many combinations: with one or two glass walls, with the body upholstered on one side or two sides.