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A visitor chair offering stacking possibilities, constructed with a lightweight aluminium frame. The seat is made of moulded plywood, available in white or graphite HPL laminate or in walnut, maple or oak veneer. The 4-legged frame is made of polished aluminium and is available with or without armrests. The seats and the backrests are offered with their respective cushions and is made with a broad range of high-performance fabrics. The chairs are complemented by VANK_PLIO conference tables with a folding frame made of polished aluminium. The tabletop features rounded edges and is made of 22-mm thick lightweight layered birch plywood covered with natural beech, walnut, maple or oak veneer or with HPL laminate.

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VANK_PLIO is truly unique. Fresh lines, refined materials, and simple structure – everything it takes to get a pass to the world of the best design. VANK_PLIO'S class is further proven by the fact that it works exceptionally well in everyday use. The broad range of finish options makes VANK_PLIO compatible with every type of interior. It is a visitor chair, made of profiled beech plywood, offered with or without armrests, as a ‘bare’ option or in a selection of upholstered variants: with a seating cushion or with cushioned seat and backrest. The base of the chair is made of aluminium, and is shaped to enable vertical stacking. The chair is a perfect addition to public utility facilities – banks, showrooms, schools, hospitals, or hotels – places where comfort and aesthetics are especially desired. The basic structure of VANK_PLIO has been formed entirely of polished pressure die-cast aluminium. The seat and the backrest of the chair constitute a single element made of a 3D-profiled plywood. What deserves particular attention is also the lightness of the form – in both material and visual terms. The possibility to stack as many as 10 VANK_PLIOS to fold and move all nearby furniture certainly makes the chair a very functional solution, while its sleek appearance underlines its elegance and simplicity. VANK_PLIO is surely a welcome feature to an office environment, but will be also appreciated in more demanding home interiors.