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Product description

Mid-Back Armchair with Tablets

59 B x 88 H x 75 D

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Arca defines a new concept of armchair for lounges and waiting areas, available in 3 backrest heights, which can be combined to many base typologies. The Lounge version, with low backrest, is ideal for quick waiting areas, large meeting rooms, while the medium back option, with backrest cushion, gives more prestige and comfort to the armchair. The High version gives the unique touch of design to this collection, with its embracing backrest for a break of full relax, especially with its rocking base. Arca “small” keeps the same design of the “lounge” version, resized for mee- ting environments.
Arca perfectly traces the new concept of “Smart Lounge”, where waiting moments become great occasions for reflection, working or relaxing on the web; all versions of Arca can indeed be equipped with a large writing tablet, swivel around the arm.