Product description

Stunning beauty powered by the latest technology. Carbon Light is a high-performing modular suspension light made using the latest LED technology. A feather-light carbon fiber body links highly efficient power LED spots. With an adaptable design and multiple LED spot options, Carbon Light allows you to create the optimum levels of illumination for any surface. Enhance your space with Carbon Light’s outstanding design, top quality materials, and excellent performance.

Modular structure in carbon fiber. Matte finish in natural carbon fiber appearance or in any RAL color. 6W LED bulbs in 3000K (425lm, CRI 85) or 4000K (485lm, CRI 85) with spot 22.5°, medium 33° or wide 56° optic available. 2-LED, 3-LED, 4-LED, 5-LED, 6-LED, 8-LED and 12-LED standard versions. Dimmable. Custom sizes available.

As a modular fixture, Carbon Light can be configured to illuminate a surface of any dimension.

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