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The XT-A line is a series of LED office luminaires that is oustanding due to a specialized development in LED lighting technology: Open Structure Anti-Glare (OSA).

OSA is a patented lighting grid which gives light a brilliant appearance and realises the full performance potential of the employed LEDs. The OSA grid is particularly characterised by its high efficiency and a superior glare reduction. Using the model XT-A FLOOR LED OSA as an example, the luminance at the lamp head is only approx. 620 cd / m² at 65°, which is significantly below the maximum allowable value of 3000 cd / m².

Brilliant white light with a high colour rendering (CRI 85) and a neutral white light colour (3500 Kelvin) guarantees a high level of light acceptance from the user and significantly improves the quality of light compared to that of fluorescent lamps.

The direct/indirect light distribution of the floor lamps is designed so that the work surface and room are optimally and efficiently illuminated.

An integrated constant light regulator ensures that the luminaires automatically adjust to the ambient brightness so that they consume only as much energy as is actually required. In addition, the user can individually adjust the brightness to the desired level at anytime using the integrated push button switch or the supplied remote control unit.
An integrated motion detector further assists in optimising power consumption.

The luminiares can be set to different modes using the supplied remote control unit, so that the luminaires can be adapted to different lighting requirements. Any accidental reprogramming of the luminaire here is protected against!

The lightdim connect (swarm function), an integrated module to the luminaire which enables the intelligent communication between the luminaires without interfering with the buildings services, is also offered as an option
In simple terms, the luminaires situated in unoccupied areas do not switch off completely but remain in operation at a significantly dimmed level, thereby ensuring the basic lighting of the room. Only when the room is completely will all luminaires switch off. Lightdim connect allows the formation of a number of independently operating groups on one floor. Even a floor to floor or cross-group communication can be achieved.

Lightdim connect allows you to create high quality, sustainable, effective and efficient lighting concepts.